So why would they choose a high replica Rolex?

Many watch enthusiasts have the ability to consume genuine watches, but why would they still choose a high replica Rolex watch? Because they know exactly where the value of a watch lies, wearing a watch is nothing more than a symbol of their wealth and status, and of course looking at the time is also there. They are also very clear about what it is worth and what it is not, as well as spending it wisely. Obviously if you could get tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cost of a few thousand, I don’t think anyone would say no. On second thought, is a small watch really worth that much? Especially with today’s popular Rolex watches, which are not sold at super public prices, and for those who know how to spend wisely they certainly don’t want to pay for the hype and be the one to pay the price. The choice of a replica Rolex is no more than a highlight, the workmanship of the replica product is really good enough to mess with the real thing. What’s more important is that one can manage to wear it on one’s hands without anyone questioning the authenticity.

A brief introduction to Rolex’s most sought-after two models of the Diagonal and the Green Sailor

NO.1 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Series 116520 Black Disc

The Diagonal has always been Rolex’s most complicated watch in front of the public, and it is also Rolex’s hardest product. Although it is called a complicated model, it actually only has a chronograph function, and the numbers on the outer ring are used for simple tachymetry. The watch is powered by the 4130 self-winding chronograph movement, developed entirely in-house by Rolex, which keeps time to 1/8th of a second. The Blackface Steeldi has been a sought-after piece since its introduction, thanks to Rolex’s precision and durability. Although the addition of a chronograph function makes it slightly more complicated, it is still one of the best watches of its type in terms of accuracy and durability.

NO.2 Rolex Submariner 11610LV Green

The Green Ghost is the nickname given to the Submariner, and there are currently two main types: the Green Ghost and the Black Ghost. First launched in 2010, the Green Water Ghost is characterised by its “green gold” coating on the watch’s surface using PVD technology, and its green gold ration is a secret. The Green Ghost quickly became a hit for a number of reasons: firstly, its classic design; secondly, its outstanding performance; and then, its low production;